We are empowering the education system by providing various types of learning methods.

AfghanX provides e-learning services and gives students some control over time, place, and learning methods. Our aim is to present the best of higher education for students, both online and in the classroom. AfghanX is created to facilitate collaborative learning activities and innovative pedagogy. We provide learning opportunities to anyone who wants to thrive, grow and achieve. The AfghanX platform is powered by Open edX an open source platform.

We intend to contribute in the efficient use of technology for teaching, learning, assessment and continuous quality improvement of education. We are searching for new opportunities of learning in order to explore efficient methods employed by professors to teach on campus and beyond. Our aim is to become a leading resource for learners by staying focused on the goals and principles set forth, when forming AfghanX.

Our Goals

  • To create a high level of interaction and to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between learners.
  • To support collaborative and micro learning for the construction of knowledge.
  • To enhance teaching approaches while facilitating innovative ways to build and share knowledge.
  • To open new forms of learning and support different ways of knowledge construction.
  • To expand access to educational materials for students.

Our principles

  • Non-profit
  • Open-source platform
  • Innovative approaches