Mode of Delivery of MOOCs

mode of delivery

Instructor-paced MOOCs

AfghanX courses are delivered through the instructor-paced mode.

In this mode, e-learning courses provide different levels of support from instructors and collaboration among learners. E-learning content include instructors’ lectures, assignments and collaborative activities. To complete the course, learners have to follow the course schedule for quizzes, assignments and examinations. Course content is developed according to a set of learning objectives and is delivered using different media elements, such as text, graphics, audio and video.

Self-paced MOOCs

Learn at your own pace

In order to enable students from different universities to associate with courses and enhance the quality of e-learning through student-centered learning, these courses are also delivered in the self-paced mode. The self-paced courses do not follow a set schedule and students can progress through the course at their own speed.