Research and Pedagogy

AfghanX empowers research on pedagogy to improve life-long learning among learners.

Technology based education empowers the learners to conduct research, perform experiments and simulation and improve teaching and learning activities. Learners use a variety of media elements to create e‑learning content, such as text, graphics, animations, audio, photographs and video sequences. The choice of the right media mix depends on the instructional approach as well as on the technological and resource constraints.

Fundamental questions include:

  • How can we influence technology in education to achieve quality at a lower cost?
  • What engages students to manage their own learning goals and activities?
  • What motivates students to learn and persist?
  • What helps facilitate student-centered learning?
  • What helps students solve real-world complex problems?
  • How can we assess what the learners have learned?
  • What helps students develop key skills and knowledge?
  • How can we create a high level of interaction and facilitate the exchange of ideas between students?

We assess course data in order to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Our focus is on the continuous improvement of the quality of education through associated feedback and collaborative activities. We conduct research to provide a roadmap to help teachers and learners manage the transformation of teaching and learning as a result of new digital technology.